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Essay: educating the legally blind student
it is strongly recommended that the IEP program applies to each of the topics the student is carrying through the procedure for the legally blind or accommodated only approaches. Mobility and orientation and technologies along with expanded curricula should be given through the manner.

Modifications are made to this environment to provide support freedom, physical availability and orientation. These alterations include tactical seating position locker standing, and enhanced desk and storage space.
Accommodations in studying are made to include braille for many areas and have video, intercept, illustrations and graphics, usage of speech synthesizers, braillenote, along with kurzweil.
Assessments, tests, assignments and evaluations will also be make accommodations for the addition of braille, braille author scribing responses and technology.

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Since the student may use the can in familiar a neighbourhood, mobility and orientation curricula will always offer support to the pupil for the managing of substances, equipment, and also the use of the cane to expand into unfamiliar surroundings.
It is advised that want worried to find the pupil develop a secure and effective mobility and orientation skills, demonstrate a high degree of responsibility and liberty through the caring of and storage of their aids.

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